Answers to All Your Burning Wedding Planning Questions


Do you offer Day of Coordination?
Yes, we do! We call this Wedding Management. 90-days before your wedding we will schedule an update meeting and you will provide us with all the information and vendor contracts you have confirmed. 

Can I book Wedding Management more than 90 days out?
Of course! You can book up to 8-months before your wedding date. 

Do you have an inventory of rentals?
No, but we have amazing vendors that we work with who can provide you amazing and gorgeous rental pieces, décor & stationery!

Where do we meet for meetings?
Preferably video chats work best for us! We can also schedule phone calls and if schedules permit we can schedule in person meetings!

Will you attend all the vendor meetings with me and my fiancé?
Depending on what package you booked, yes and no! Some of the meetings will involve me and some may not.

What are the acceptable forms of payments?
Acceptable forms of payment include credit card and check. You will receive an invoice via email to remit payment via credit card. We do not accept AMEX Cards.

What happens if we have an emergency? Can we text you to let you know it’s urgent?
Of course, especially if it’s outside of working hours. Please text me URGENT and I will let you know if I can talk at that particular time or will schedule a time to talk so I can provide you my undivided attention.

Where can I find all the contracts with my vendors?
All of your contracts are filed in Aisle Planner under CONTACTS tab. You can download your contract there.

Where can I find your preferred vendor list?
You can find this under the NOTES tab in Aisle Planner, along with a lot of other FAQ’s and documents necessary for your wedding!

How can I schedule a meeting with you?
Please click here to schedule a call

What happens if I need to postpone my wedding date or cancel all together?
This decision is very difficult and involves a lot of emotions which we can talk through all the details together. Make sure to schedule a call so we can review your best options.

What if I booked a package and need additional help?!
No worries! I’ll let you know if the assistance you are seeking is outside the service you have contracted. If you would like that additional assistance I will upgrade your package and add the cost difference to your invoice!

Will you be there the day of the wedding?
Of course! Myself and at least (1) assistant will be with you on your wedding day to ensure everything is smooth as butter!