Gina Marie Weddings & Events is a boutique full service wedding and event planning company serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale
and West Palm Beach inclusive to all couples. 





We are an inclusive company, meaning we accept you for whomever you love no matter race, age, gender or sexuality. We provide a safe space for our couples to be exactly who they are and celebrate who they love!

We get that life is busy and planning a wedding on top of that is stressful. We work with you to help balance this stress and allow you to keep your social & work life afloat while planning a wedding.



Throughout this process open & honest communication is our number one priority. We are not afraid of having those uncomfortable conversations to ensure you know exactly what to expect during each step of this process. This is your wedding and we want you to be represented. 



This is your wedding and we want you to be represented. We will work together collaboratively to ensure you are confident with all the vendors, decor and overall theme of your wedding.



We are extremely passionate about weddings and all that is involved with weddings. We want our couples to feel this passion and become passionate about their own wedding and recognize that at the end of the day we are here for you!


Extraordinary weddings don’t just happen. they’re planned.

Hey! I am so happy you are here and checking out what we have to offer! I can't express enough how much I love celebrating with my clients and allowing them the opportunity to have their wedding their way! It is also important that we vibe because we'll be spending a lot of time together figuring out big decisions and chatting a bunch!

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"All of my girlfriends recently got engaged, and they all ask me how I was so relaxed during wedding planning compared to them. I always have one answer: Gina! If there is any expense I would recommend during the wedding planning process, it is a full coordination wedding planner- specifically Gina Marie Weddings & Events! Gina made the entire planning process enjoyable, and allowed me to have fun with it, and actually enjoy being a fiancé! Gina and her team also made sure everything went seamless throughout the entire wedding day. Multiple guests made comments on how everything seemed to go perfectly, and it truly did (and if there were issues during the day, I didn’t know about it because Gina handled it!). We are so grateful for Gina and her team, and I will always recommend hiring Gina Marie Weddings & Events for one of the most special days of your life!"

"My husband and I had a WONDERFUL experience with Gina Marie Weddings & Events. Gina and her team were incredibly helpful, professional, and very on top of our whole wedding planning process. I felt very comfortable knowing that one of the most important days of our lives was in Gina's hands. She did a great job understanding exactly what we wanted, helping develop our ideas, and bringing the vision to life."

"Amazing experience with Gina in planning our multi-day wedding events. She made the experience enjoyable, relaxed, and everything came together so beautifully! I can’t recommend enough. After speaking with many wedding planners, we ended up deciding to work with Gina because of how approachable she is, her portfolio, and her clear work ethic. Best decision we made in our wedding planning process."

"I cannot recommend Gina and her team enough. Her patience, dedication and hard work was the biggest reason our day was so special. She brought my visions to life and went above and beyond to make sure everything was what I wanted regardless of the sunlight, weather, or space. I met Gina back in 2019 when we worked an event together for Nova Southeastern. I was in awe of her organization back then, and when I found out she had started her own wedding planning business - I knew there was no better choice. From monthly video chats, to quickly-answered emails, Gina was my rock when it came to planning the day of my dreams. So many of my vendors, including our venue, raved to me about her services and how involved Gina was with the process and how impressive she was. I just responded with a “I know :)”. If you’re looking for a first-class planner - look no further. She’s right here."

"Finding Gina was the best thing to happen to us during wedding planning! She was such a joy to work with. Without Gina we would not have been able to have our dream wedding. It was above and beyond what we could have expected. She was always available day and night to answer any questions we had. Our wedding day went seamlessly even if something went wrong we would have never known because she handled everything with such grace! She is amazing if you are thinking of hiring her do it! Thank you Gina for making our day so incredibly special."

"Gina and her team at Gina Marie Weddings & Events exceeded every single one of our expectations for our wedding. If we could go back in time, we would hire her 1,000 times over. Gina was personable, diligent, responsive and just simply "on top of it." She didn't miss a single beat or detail. There was not a moment during the wedding planning process I felt stressed or overwhelmed, and in large part I attribute this to Gina's presence and assistance. On our wedding day, there was not one moment that went "wrong." As the bride and groom, we were able to just enjoy ourselves and not worry about the details, along with our families and friends. If you're looking for a wedding planner, I HIGHLY recommend Gina! I'd give her a 20 out of 10 if I could."